Top Importer and Exporter of
Rare Earths, Metals, and Ferro Alloys

Dedication, hard work and quality products — these factors separate Kalpesh Enterprise from other names in the industry of metal exportation and importation. Kalpesh Enterprise LLC is a young, dynamically developing trading company that has increased its potential during its several years of operation.

Kalpesh Enterprise is a direct importer and exporter of ferro alloys and other metal products like molybdenum dioxide, niobium pentoxide and molybdenum trioxide, among others.

We also provide the following:

  • Metal Ferro alloys
  • Ferro Niobium
  • Ferro Molybdenum
  • Chemical Compounds such as Oxide, Pentoxide, Dioxide and Trioxide
  • Rare Earth

Although new in the metal industry, Kalpesh Enterprise is composed of an experienced team that boasts the necessary skills and dedication to clinch success. In fact, in those several years of operation Kalpesh Enterprise has already expanded its trading activities to twelve countries, a direct proof of our hard work.

We are a team of dedicated professionals armed with the goal of giving you the best quality of steel products. Contact us for your questions and suggestions because we would love to hear from you!